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I just wanted to let you know that I've been using the password manager for a good while, and it's been great. Such a useful, simple product. Thanks for making it!

Brett Clanton

I got my delivery today. Thank you for you patience in dealing with me. You restored my trust in bitcoin. I am very impressed with the quality of the Trezor's. One is for me and 4 are going to be gifts to 4 friends that I got into bitcoin along with the 3 Trezor's. I already had one and so does one friend. Now all 5 of us will have protected rebuild keys as well as secure offline wallets! I was very surprised to see the 2 pair of socks in the package! Not sure if that was in the original order or not but I like them very much. Thank you. I will wear them loud and proud! If you ever find yourself in Phoenix Arizona, give me a call, I'll buy you a beer, or 6 or 7!


You people at TrezorMini are golden! I tried the coin-recovery tool link you sent me, very easy and simple, I was expecting something complicated. It worked fine and the 3 'missing'' Litecoin are now showing in my Trezor account. I want to thank you and just say your customer service is excellent.

Paul Moulder

In the end, it had nothing to do with the performance of TrezorMini but I thank you for being so quick on the support. Makes me feel a lot better for future transactions with my TrezorMini. All the best.


I use all kinds of different cryptocurrency wallets, I post reviews videos about them on YouTube, ive dealt with support from everyone of them at some point and you guys have some of the best support around. Thank you so much, I will continue to recommend TrezorMini to everyone.

Sean Logan

Love my TrezorMini. Without it I would never be able to sleep. Thanks for making cryptocurrency and assets safe.

Andy Keen

Fast response. Reassured me that my coins were safe. I feel more confident using a TrezorMini for my stash. Thank you!


TrezorMini is a well designed, easy to use product with great support. I'd heartily recommend it to anyone who wishes to protect their digital investments. The willingness of the developers to accommodate digital currencies besides Bitcoin makes it even more valuable. I look forward to the expanding capabilities of this valuable tool.


Thanks for everything, I researched a lot and I saw that you are a 100% reliable company, I am happy to have a product like that.

Ricardo Nascimento

TrezorMini team didn't let me down you guys explained all the steps for me to downgrade my TrezorMini firmware and then when things didn't worked kept asking me questions and trying to understand what could be done and this helped me don't thrown the towel and find the way to retrieve the coins...